Private enterprise “Promenergia” was created by highly professional experts who have years of experience in the fields of hydro – Electro -, heat and process automation in the food industry.

Our company develops and delivers hydraulic turbines, asynchronous generators, ACS systems, high voltage, low voltage electrical equipment for small hydro and conducts erection and commissioning.

Provides automation, monitoring parameters and remote control (system-Scada) of any process under given technical problem in the food, metal processing, wood processing industry and housing (boiler, vodopompy, lighting).

Modernizing the existing or developing and implementing a new system (with the possibility of emergency warnings GSM) gas boilers, which allows them to operate at maximum efficiency over the entire range variable power (5-100%) and consequently leads to significant energy savings (30-60% depending on mode).

Calculates and supplies and sets up a comprehensive protection of electrical equipment (motors, generators, pumps deep) from the atmosphere over and network and other accidents.

Held calculation, selection and supply of electrical equipment for reactive power company, leading to increase bandwidth and reduce the losses of the transformer and active energy (5-15%).

To power the electric pumps vodopomp, supplies and implements frequency drives that allow for significant energy savings (60%).

Develops and implements into the existing system supply emergency power system at the Diesel generators and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS).